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Our company started its business activity in 1998 under the name of DEKO-TEK with a 12-year experience in internal- external decoration in order to offer high quality products, high quality service and decorative products to our customers.

It has achieved to a first in Turkey and pioneered in promotion of the ready-made carton pierre.

It is the symbol of a “quality” understanding in which a DEKO-TEK signature exists in every phase as well as INTERNAL and EXTERNAL decoration of your buildings up to planning, design and painting and heat- sound isolation and it certified its brand with your contribution.

High quality understanding and Quality Management together with Product certification are maimtained in compliance with ISO 9001:2000, OHSAS 18001:1999, ISO 14001:2004, EC Compliance Declaration and OHSAS 18001:1999 Work Health and Safety Management Systems.

DEKO-TEK today works as both an entrepreneur and a contractor. It continues to make contributions in the economy by changing appearance of the large housing sites, every kind of buildings by means of internal- external decoration in Turkey and foreign countries as well as through heat- sound isolation in your buildings.

These products having the DEKO-TEK quality meet the requirements of the community and are looked for under the DECOPIER brand in domestic and foreign markets. DEKO-TEK hands over the buildings to their owners with a warranty due to the operations made in the buildings. It removes those defects which may occur during the usage period by menas of the Customer Services Unit established by it and adds a new aspect to the service.

When stepping forward for the works to be performed newly, DEKO-TEK rightfully gains power from its former successes and beieves in the soundness of its principles through your contributions.

-To whom concern This is an announcement about conformity of our company not authorized or response to any body or company in “Iran market” for our products. Please contact us for more information . جهت اطلاع عموم : بدینوسله اعلام میدارد شرکت ما به هیچ وجه نماینده و یا مسئول تجاری در ک
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